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Natura Wool Pillows

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Our pure virgin wool pillows regulate temperature for year round comfortable sleep.


cloud-woolCloud Wool Pillow

Tickle your cozy bone with the Cloud Pillow. Plush and fresh, this wool-filled pillow will lure you to a healthier, happier night’s sleep. Haven’t you been dreaming of that?

The Cloud Pillow provides savory comfort with a delectable dose of health. Our NaturaWool™ fill wicks away moisture and maintains a fresh, dry sleep environment to naturally eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria, dust mites and other sleep disturbing allergens. This wool pillow has a breathable, 100% cotton cover that is soft to the touch, and oh, so delish against tender facial skin.

Product Size Price
Standard $90.00
Queen $99.00
King $130.00


Ylang Ylang Wool Pillow

Savor the relaxation of the Ylang Ylang Pillow. Cozy wool in a delicious, Ylang Ylang infused cover will inspire you to blissful, luxurious dreams. Sound luscious?

The Ylang Ylang Wool Pillow inspires blissful dreams and a nourishing night’s sleep. A generous helping of NaturaWool™ provides moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating comfort while banishing allergens that disturb sleep. This luxury natural wool pillow has plush support for your head and neck relieves strain and tension, and allows for deep, pain free sleep. The luxurious, Ylang Ylang infused cover provides an aroma-filled drift to healthier sleep.


Product Size Price
Standard $99.00
Queen $119.00
King $139.00


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