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Magniflex Mattresses

If you like memory foam, you’ll LOVE Magniflex 

No Sleeping Hot, No VOCs, No Chemical Off Gassing, 20 Year Warranty

A Healthy, Chemical Free, Cool &Durable Alternative to Memory Foam

Toscana Mattress

The Toscana Mattress is designed to be in harmony with nature and the environment. It cuddles you while you sleep and is perfect for those who want to make an ethical choice without having to compromise comfort.
20 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

MagniStretch Mattresses 

MagniStretch is a revolutionary mattress designed to stretch and decompress your spine while preventing compacted vertebrae.

Your body will be rejuvenated thanks to an increased blood flow that revitalizes your discs by decompressing your spinal column.

This orthopedically designed, patented technology provides gentle traction that prevents your body from sinking into the mattress.

20 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

 MagniCool Mattresses 

With the most common issue with most mattresses being sleeping hot, the MagniCool Collection addresses that with mattresses wrapped in
“Cool-to-the-Touch Covers”.
This Revolutionary Patented Fabric results in:
The Cooling Effect Lasting All Night Long.
• Go to sleep faster
• Uninterrupted sleep cycles
20 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

Classico Mattress

Where a good sleep starts

Memoform, a material that perfectly adapts to the body’s shape, is combined with Elioform and Eliosoft to provide the proper support for your spine. The soft padding in Super Soft fiber gives a pleasant sensation of a soft relaxation.

• Go to sleep faster
• Uninterrupted sleep cycles
20 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty