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Coconut & Latex Mattress

We offer four different comfort levels in our mattresses. They are constructed with palm coir and natural latex, using different thicknesses to adjust the firmness. The materials keep bodies cool when it’s hot and do not retain moisture when it’s humid. Standard mattress sizes include Twin, Full, Queen, California and Eastern King). Custom sizing available.

palmpring mattress-set

Puri Mattress

PalmPring mattress-puri
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Two layers of latex (5″ and 2″) “sandwich” one layer of palm coir (2″) to create a “cushion” for those used to sleeping on a mattress that absorbs the body’s movements. Great for people who frequently toss, turn and roll around. Offers the option to sleep on the plush side, or the firm side for days when your body needs more support. Provides excellent ventilation, spring action and shock absorbance. Pure comfort and bliss!

Our bestselling mattress and the one most recommended by medical professionals. Layers of coir (2″) alternate with layers of latex (2″), creating a signature “sandwich” style that makes Palmpring truly unique. Can range from medium to firm depending on which side you flip your mattress to sleep on. Feels firm, but still plush enough to remind you that it’s possible to sleep on a cloud!

Colva Mattress

PalmPring mattress-colva
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Ellora Mattress

PalmPring mattress-ellora
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On the firmer side, the Ellora mattress has one layer of latex (2″) and a thicker layer of palm coir (4″). This combination provides consistent body support from head to toe combined with excellent ventilation that keeps the mattress free of heat and moisture retention. The mattress can be flipped to either the latex or coir side to adjust to your comfort level. Not for softies!

A symmetrical mattress of medium firmness that feels the same regardless of how you flip it. Two layers of plush latex (2″) “sandwich” one layer of coir (2″). While sleeping on comforting latex, the strong supporting layer of coir provides resilience and absorbs shocks.

Bally Mattress

PalmPring mattress-bally
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Cambay Mattress

PalmPring mattress-cambay
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The firmest possible option, the Cambay mattress features a single layer of palm coir (6″). A healthy option for those who may suffer from aches or pains, this bed is for those who desire stiff support for their body as much as a bacteria- and mold-free environment. Appeals to those who have some experience sleeping on very firm bedding, or even the floor!

Double structure of latex sandwiched with natural latex foam and rubberized coir for the perfect cushion and support for the growing bones

Crib Mattress

Palmpring mattress-crib
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Coconut & Latex Mattress 02/15/2015


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