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Latex Pillows

Palmpring’s natural latex, composite and organic wool pillows adhere to the high standards set by our mattresses. Non-heat retaining and anti-microbial, our all-natural pillows provide intelligently constructed support for your head.

PalmPring Natural Latex Foam Pillow

Palmpring Latex Contour Pillow


Natural latex foam, certified organic cotton cover


Standard 20 x 15
Queen 26 x 17

Our luxurious natural latex contour pillow provides proper support for the head and neck. The non-heat retaining qualities of natural latex keep the most important part of your body cool and comfortable during a night’s rest.

  • Made with 100% natural latex the pillow has soft touch plus excellent restoration resilience.
  • Special features- soft, cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • The fragrance of a jasmine prevents headache and keeps pleasant feeling.
  • It prevents snoring and shoulder-ache.
  • Adequate elasticity and smooth touching will promote health state and stamina as well as sound sleep.
  • This pillow has all the requirements the pillow should have.
    – Good ventilation will eliminate sweat keeping the environment hygienic.
    – Adequate elasticity will keep the environment restful.
    – It adjusts to the body contours.
    – The height of pillow usually is 6 to 8 cm and a 15 degree angle is an ideal in most cases.
    – It will prevent snoring.
    – With perfect height, it will cause no extra pressure on spine keeping you’re your body in a stabilized state.
  • You can wash the cover only.




Natural latex foam, certified organic cotton cover


Standard 24 x 16
Queen 28 x 18

This healthy, hypoallergenic alternative to a traditional cotton or wool pillow is made of 100% all-natural latex, which gives proper head and neck support, while offering relaxing comfort and flexibility. Made of durable latex, it will last twice as long as a traditional pillow because the latex is inhospitable to bugs, dust mites, and most important, does not retain heat or water, resulting in a mold- and bacteria-free environment. Great for those who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities.

  • 100% natural latex provides soft, resilient support that cradles the shape of the head.
  • Does not retain heat or moisture, naturally hypo-allergenic and germ- resistant.
  • Perforated to provide adequate ventilation and air flow.
  • Fits all standard pillowcases.
  • Comes with lightweight cotton protector that is machine washable.

Standard – $100.00

Queen – $120.00

Latex Pillows 02/15/2015


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