Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Sale.


You have 3 days (72 hours from the time your order was placed), by law, to cancel anything you buy and receive a full refund. After those 72 hours and before your merchandise has shipped, you may cancel your order and receive a full refund minus a 5% processing fee. All merchandise is ordered from the factory and made fresh to fill your order. Therefore, every order is a considered a special order. Once your merchandise has shipped from the factory, no cancellations will be accepted and no refund, (either in part or in its entirety), will be issued.

Delivery Damage.

All merchandise is shipped insured. Any delivery damage must be noted on driver’s paperwork. It is your responsibility to look over the merchandise your receive before signing that you have received it in good condition. If you have signed that you have received your merchandise in good condition, no claim of damage can be made. The delivery people will not leave without your signature. They have no alternative but to wait while you look over your merchandise carefully. Please do so before you sign for it. Merchandise that has suffered delivery damage will be replaced at no additional charge to you.

Manufacturer’s Warranty.

While your mattress warranty protects you from defects in manufacturing and materials, it is a manufacturer’s warranty and not a warranty issued by your retailer. If you feel that your mattress has a defect, contact your retailer to initiate your warranty claim. Your retailer’s contact information will be on your receipt. Inspection fees and delivery charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. We encourage you to read and understand the terms of your warranty, which can be found on the warranty card that comes with your mattress.

If you have any questions about the warranty, email: themattressexpert@live.com.