Wolf Corporation Mattress

Wolf is a leading manufacturer of mattresses and futons.  Wolf prides itself in building a quality product at a reasonable price.  In addition to having years of experience in the manufacture of durable and comfortable bedding, Wolf is also an innovator.  Our ability to compress, roll, package and ship our innerspring mattresses and futons provides an ease in shipment and also an ease in installation.  Our location in Fort Wayne, Indiana, provides for a one day shipping turn-around time to three-fifths of the population of the United States. Whatever Wolf Mattress you purchase, you will be resting on more than 140 years of Wolf knowledge, creativity and innovation—at an exceptional value!”

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Adara Wolf Adara Mattress
  • $299.99
Adara-MagniflexAdjust Wolf Adara Mattress w/Magniflex Ajdustable Bed Base
  • $1899.98
Adara-MagniflexKD Wolf Adara Mattress w/Magniflex KD Foundation
  • $699.98
Tulah Wolf - Tulah Luxury Plush Eurotop
  • $599.99
Tulah-Adjustable Wolf - Tulah Luxury Plush Eurotop Mattress w/Magniflex Adjustable Bed Base
  • $1849.98
Tulah-KD Wolf - Tulah Luxury Plush Eurotop Mattress w/Magniflex KD Foundation
  • $899.98